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কীভাবে লজ্জা পাওয়া বন্ধ করবেন - Motivational Video In Bangla

Motivational Video in Bangla on How to overcome shyness with girls communication skill video Buy the recommended book from here : If the girl with whom we are talking with is not so beautiful, then we don't feel so shy. But, if the girl with whom we are talking with, is the most beautiful girl in the college and every guy in the college has a crush on her, then in that case forget about approaching her, even if she asks for something then also some of us feel nervous and shy. So why this happens? The answer is, in those situations where we consider ourselves not worthy or incompatible, if we get into those situations then we start to feel uncomfortable and shy. And if you don't conquer your shyness then in life not only girls but also many job opportunities can be missed by you. What happens, all the time in our mind we keep judging ourselves and the other people, and based on that we compare ourselves with others. After the comparison is done, we either put them in a higher position than us or put them at a lower position. Those whom we put at a lower position is not a problem for us but those whom we put at a higher position, when we go to talk to them, we feel scared and shy. So clearly there can be two possible solutions of this, 1. Thinking yourself equal with everyone, that is no one is greater than you or no one is less than you and 2. Thinking yourself the greatest. The first option is what we call confidence and the 2nd option is what we call overconfidence. We all know that confidence is good but overconfidence is not good at all. So let's see how to utilize the first option that is how to build that confidence so that we can think ourselves equal with everyone. Join us on facebook: Follow us on twitter: Follow us on Instagram: