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[Splatoon Sfm] Squidly Reminder - Camping Super Jumps
90% 3.2M 2 minutes 2 years ago by Afrohawk

Be careful when camping other super jumps! You never know what might catch you off guard. EDIT: Holy crap guys, 100K views? Y'all are insane! Thanks for viewing this everyone! Thanks for watching! Had a lot of fun making this. Took me a lot longer than expected as I was learning things along the way (plus other real life things getting in the way). It shouldn't take nearly as long next time hopefully! Funny enough, the Kraken model got put on the Workshop literally as I got to that scene while animating so...I guess working late was a blessing in disguise? Or lucky. Probably that. I had a lot of other stuff to say but I honestly forget it all so I may come back to this description. Thanks for reading! === Social Media === Twitter: === Music Used in Order === Vs. Mode (No. 4) - Splatoon Tutorial Mode - Splatoon Cpt. Cuttlefish Theme - Splatoon Super Boss Copy 4 - Kirby's Return to Dreamland Vs Meta Knight - Kirby Triple Deluxe Continue? - Sonic 3 === SFMs Models used === Inkling Girl: Inkling Boy: Squid Sisters: Weapons: Clothes: Hats: Shoes: Ink: Octovalley Gear: Green Screen Rooms: Speedlines: