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73% 7.1M 1 hour 1 year ago by Alisa Christensen

This was my 1st job directing; 1996. After we wrapped Witchcraft 7, the producer Jerry & I were having lunch & talking about the perfect script 4 a low budget drama... small cast, no stunts, no extras, get a big house u can use 4 many 'locations.' Jerry wanted a lot of sex (sex sells) I said, I've got a short story that would work; I'd written Jane 6 months earlier. Thinking of Holden Caufield, running around NYC tryin 2 get laid; if it was a teenage girl, she could get laid anytime she wanted 2, which would cause it's own set of problems. We shot this on tape in less than a week and sold it 2 the European market. They weren't so hooked on film. Please enjoy this freshman effort & sorry about the audio, didn't hold as well as video.