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Wonders Of The World Of Game Of Thrones
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What are the wonders of Game of Thrones, and what real-world monuments inspired them? What are the bells of Norvos, Valyrian roads, the Long Bridge of Volantis, the Palace With a Thousand Rooms, triple walls of Qarth, the Titan of Braavos, and the Wall? What other wonders might be among Lomas Longstrider’s nine – the Hightower, Great Pyramid of Ghis, Yi Ti, Five Forts? Subscribe: Support on Patreon: Twitter: More GOT videos: West of Westeros: The east: Doom of Valyria: Valyrian steel swords: Buy The World of Ice and Fire: Buy ASOIAF Books 1-5: Buy ASOIAF maps: Created with Adobe After Effects and a Shure SM7B microphone: Essos map by Klaradox: Qarth walls art by Hieronymus7Z: YiTi art by Henrik Zähringer Five Forts art by Martin Höhnle Images and video from Game of Thrones are used under fair use. Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House. TWOIAF art by Chase Stone, Nutchapol Thitinunthakorn, John McCambridge, Magali Villeneuve, Ted Nasmith Hadrian’s Wall: Colossus of Rhodes: Roman roads: Church bells: Roman bridge: Lighthouse of Alexandria: References and further reading: Special thanks to Patrons Reverend Xandria, Cameron Weiss, Jason Rattray, Ryan Steele, Eric Louis-Dreyfus, Triangle Wine Company, Harry, Chris Cole, Paul Lesiak, Hank Lero, Zach Gordon, DscoDan, Shane Veglia, Timothy Charles, Cregg Riley, Joel Soucy, Ali Almuhanna, LVE, I think a Faceless Man ran up and said 'Valar Morghulus' before running off?