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Penis Erection - Slow Motion Hd (Educational Video)
81% 7.5M 1 minute 10 months ago by Andr4h4

This educational video shows how penis erections work. The video has been created by andr4h4 for educational purposes only. WANT TO SEE MORE? Visit my Patreon page where you can find uncensored extra pictures taken during the making of the video (behind the scene)! Feel free to support me :-) Please subscribe to the channel if you would like to be updated with my next videos! Other videos you may like: My secrets for a good erection:  What is the average penis size? Penis shapes: fun guide :-) ***** Let me know if you like this video with a comment! :-) Subscribe to the channel if you want to know when my next videos are released !  Thanks :-) ***** For collaborations, business enquires, products testing/reviews, please write me at 📩 andr4h4(at)