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(29) How To Do String Pull Over A Pour & Swipe Acrylic Pouring
95% 115K 28 minutes 1 year ago by Art By Susan King

How to do a String Pull Paint colours and mixture below Visit my Web Site to purchase my work or commission Paint - Artist Loft Flow Acrylic - White Studio - Paynes Grey Artist Loft - Deep Magenta, Silver, Metallic Black House Paint - Pale Pink Pouring Medium - Flood Floetrol Water OGX Coconut Milk Anti - Breakage Serum Mixture - 1 part paint, 2 parts P.M. (Mix) then add water till you get the right consistency If you enjoy my videos please subscribe and like and click on the bell to get notifications for my next video. My Email - if you’re interested in purchasing. Thank You for watching my videos, I appreciate it. I try to do one very week, sometimes more if I'm in the mood. Take Care Susan King