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Humans Of Asus Feat. Adam Smith
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I joined ASUS three years ago in the UK office. I've had great experiences, met many of people, and learned a lot about our industry. Now, I'm at ASUS HQ, where I enjoy working with an incredible variety of people from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. My experiences in the UK office have helped me to understand and relate to local counterparts. Today, I'm in a position, where I contact our local teams, which is a complete role reversal for me. I really like that I have knowledge of both sides. In social media, we receive a lot of feedback from people, and we make time to reply and engage with them each day. The people at ASUS working together to achieve our goals, makes a big difference—not just in the industry, but in people's lives. #ASUS #ASUS30 #WiserTogether Learn more about ASUS' 30th Anniversary: