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Humans Of Asus Feat. Bill Chu
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When I began working at ASUS I was assigned a mentor. It was invaluable to me, and I’m sure the company, too. Mentors shared their experiences, which helped guide me. You can learn a lot from mentors—and mentors can learn from you, too. Additionally, there are new web apps, where senior employees can share their experiences with new employees. The results are more opportunities for personal and professional growth, and possibly improved productivity. Working at ASUS gives you a lot of chances to work in various departments, such as mobile phones, laptops, and motherboards. You can develop many skills beyond just completing assignments. Learning from the great people at ASUS, who have been on the front lines of creative innovation, incredible design, and inspiring production is our strength, and mentors play an important role at ASUS. Mentors helped me, and continue to share their important lessons, today. Learn more about ASUS' 30th Anniversary: #ASUS #ASUS30 #WiserTogether