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Humans Of Asus Feat. Peggy Yang, Zenfone Service Manager
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The tech industry is quite fast-paced, and very competitive. At customer service, our goal is to make consumers happy. Our team collaborates to work closely with other groups to resolve issues. We proudly share information across cultures, too. For example, the service model in Taiwan is unique to those in Europe, and the US. So, it is important to have a “human touch” in every customer case. To do that, our team works closely with regional teams to resolve issues based on needs. Customer service requires balancing many factors in an effort to manage appropriately for customer locations throughout the world. So even though our goal may be the same, we must be prepared to fulfill our customers’ needs in different ways. We also encourage teams to share best practices across cultures. This helps us to analyze issues and come up with the best possible solutions. #ASUS #ASUS30 #WiserTogether Learn more about ASUS' 30th anniversary: