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Hwy 55 2018 Championship Molly Schuyler
91% 101K 9 minutes 1 year ago by Brandon Da Garbage Disposal Clark

Thanks for checkin' the video out and please subscribe, click the notification bell, share and like the video. I also have a Roku channel as well just search Da Garbage Disposal. 1st Molly Schuyler 1min 25sec 2nd Pat Bertoletti "Deep Dish" 1min 42sec 3rd Dan Kennedy "Killer Kennedy" 1min 46sec 4th Bob Shoudt "Notorious B.O.B." 1min 48sec 5th Brandon Clark "Da Garbage Disposal" 2min 18sec 6th Leah Shutkever 2min 46sec 7th Adam Moran "Beard Meats Food" 2min 48sec 8th Eric Lamkin "Eric the Electric" Had a gr8 time hangin' out with everyone at the event and always laughs and coffee at Dunkin' Donuts with Molly Schuyler. Had the pleasure of takin' on a team challenge with Leah Shutkever while Bob Shoudt and Adam Moran took on one beside us at Brooklyn Pizzeria. Bob Shoudt, Dan Kennedy and myself hit a challenge at Backyard Bistro and if that wasn't enough .... Wayne Algenio, Dan Kennedy, Adam Moran, Carbo Cutie, myself and a special fan of all of ours met us there CHRIS KEEN and we all had a gr8 time!!! Molly Schuyler's YouTube: Other Angles and Also video of the winners @ Knee Tree's YouTube: Watch the entire upclose video @ If you are interested in ownin' a t-shirt with my logo on the front and "Have a gr8 day unless you made other plans" on the back in black or white. I have a few options you can send in your payment. Medium to 5x are only $20ea. (sold out of smalls and 2x white right now) (4X and 5X only come in black) Add $4 for 1 shirt or $6 for 2 shirts for shipping and handlin' for U.S. Only *Canada is $9 for 1 shirt and $12 for 2 shirts Brandon Clark P.O. Box 5142 Cahokia, IL. 62206 or Please leave in the notes on any of the payment options you choose what size, color of shirt and address to ship to. (P.O Box. is my personal P.O. so if you want to drop me a letter, size 13 Crocs, etc etc feel free and ty in advance) Inbox me on my FB link for any questions on my YouTube home page or e-mail me (and under subject type "T-Shirts")