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Heather & Cindy Martin - Christmas Duet - The Baby's Cryin'
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The Baby's Cryin' is one of the 16 original uplifting and inspirational songs on their new CD. © 2007 Cindy D Martin Lyrics The town was bustling when they arrived in Bethlehem, They managed to find a small place with a room to take them in, Though the little child was tired she couldn't sleep that night, It seemed like the window was pouring in an extra lot of light. Suddenly she whispered 'Mama I hear a baby cryin', In the stable we saw behind the inn, The stars are lit so bright, I'll be nice and quiet, Could we please go look at Him?' THE BABY'S CRYIN', DO YOU HEAR HIM? OR ARE THERE JUST TOO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO? HE IS CALLING, WILL YOU ANSWER? HE WAS BORN, TO DIE FOR YOU. They'd been riding the van to Sunday School and church every week, Guess their parents had their reasons why they didn't show, The kids sat beside a teacher who might hold their hand, And listen when they'd sing Jesus Loves Me this I know. Silently they'd whisper, please dear Jesus, hear our prayer, It'd be so nice if our whole fam'ly joined us here, So if You will this Christmas, help Mom and Dad to trust, In what You have waiting for us at the manger! (chorus: 2 more times)