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Patterned Paper Framed Die Cut Card
99% 11K 5 minutes 3 years ago by Catherine Pooler You all are clamoring for Patterned Paper videos and ideas! Last week, Dream Team Member, Allison Cope shared a video tutorial talking about Patterned Paper, how to pick colors, patterns and how to portray the mood for your card with colors and patterns. Allison must have been reading your minds, because just the week before I asked you all (through my newsletter- subscribe using the box at the top of the sidebar) what kind of videos you wanted to see. Can you guess what the overwhelming majority of you asked for? yep! Patterned Paper! So here goes.... Supplies: Happy Birthday Wishes Dies (Stamp of Approval) Journal Card Dies (Stamp of Approval) Happy Day (My Mind's Eye) White and Black Card stock