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Sonic's Problem - Sonic 2 & Sonic Runners Parody
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► ► ► Sonic just can't stop playing that horrible roulette game! Sonic Runners - Glitchity Hoo Ha by Charles C Bernardo: Sonic Animation by Yoshi-1up: COMING SOON! ╔════════▼═══════════════▼════════╗ ◆ Want more!? Subscribe! ► ◆ [STAY CONNECTED w/ 1up-Island!] ►Follow us on TWITTER! ►Follow us on TWITCH! ►Like us on FACEBOOK! [VOICES] ►Tails (Darcy Maguire) ►Sonic (Matthew Morandi) ►Little Critters -SpiritOfTheBlue -Zach DonkeyDude -Noah Copeland -Matthew Mannheimer Special Thanks to SonicWindBlue for the Sonic Runners footage! ◆ Share, Like, Favorite, leave a Comment for more! ◆ ╚════════▲═══════════════▲════════╝