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Deranged Visions Theatre: Little Miss Innocence (1973)
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Heard of KNOCK KNOCK, the Eli Roth-flick with Keanu Reeves? Then, you most likely know that Roth was remaking a movie called, among other things, DEATH GAME. What most people don't know is that DEATH GAME is pretty much a remake of LITTLE MISS INNOCENCE (aka TEENAGE INNOCENCE). Items worth noting here: John Alderman is the main guy in this film. Great character actor who starred in a number of exploitation film. Sandra Dempsey shows she had true acting potential in this film, but she would die within 2 years. And Ray Dennis Steckler was the director of photography which shows he knows how to use a camera if someone else is directing. Message to those who have read this far: After this episode, I will try to post a better variety of genres. For some reason, the sleaze titles seem to get the most hits, but sleaze gets old pretty fast. Sorry for chasing views; that's not why I started this channel. As always, enjoy, and never forget, they are only movies, folks.