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Dream Theater - Space Dye Vest (Acoustic Guitar Cover By Dylan Ryche)
100% 51K 3 minutes 7 years ago by Dryche117

STREAM NOW at I like the idea of covering one song from the most important bands/artists throughout my life and #DreamTheater are a Top 5 band for me. They have so many great songs but 'Space Dye Vest' stood out to me as a song of theirs that would really lend itself well to an acoustic guitar arrangment. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this classic tune! Update: Thank you to everyone that is asking for TAB of this arrangement but, a) I never transcribed it so I simply just don't have it and b) I don't have the rights to distribute a transcription of any cover songs. The tuning is D Bb D G B E. Thanks! Cheers, Dylan P.S Don't forget to check out this song - and some of my original tunes - on #Spotify at Thanks!