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Dragonball Z - Teen Gohan Ssj2 Vs Cell Get's Ko"ed (Fan Animation) Original Japanese Version
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WATCH: "BIG HUGE BOX FROM GEAR EARTH! DRAGONBALL Z REVIEW!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- DragonBall Z Kai Fan Animation Goku Goes KaiokenX3 On Vegeta - Teen Gohan SSJ2 Vs Cell Get's KO"ed (Fan Animation) Original Japanese Version English Version not Released yet 2014 FFV Even after Cell powered up to maximum (which surprised everyone, who all thought Cell was at full power when he fought Goku) and punched Gohan hard in the face, Gohan was barely phased at all. With just 2 punches, Gohan almost incapacitated Cell completely. Perfect Cell truly learned fear when Gohan began dodging all of his attacks, taunting him, and overpowering even his strongest Kamehameha at point blank range. This almost destroyed Cell, but Gohan decided to let Cell suffer for a while, which made Goku order Gohan to kill Cell. But it was too late. Cell regenerated using Piccolo's Cells. Making the same mistake Future Trunks made earlier, he began a USS-like transformation that reduced his speed drastically, making him unable to hit Gohan. After Gohan had had enough of dodging Cell's punches, he kicked Cell in the face and then in the stomach. The kick to the stomach was hard enough to make Cell regurgitate Android 18, which made him revert to his Semi-Perfect form 十代ごはんssj2vsセルの「KO」「ED(ファンアニメーション)元の日本語バージョンが英語バージョンではまだリリースされた2014FFV も電池を最大(皆驚いた、と思っていたすべてのセルでフルパワー時に戦った彼は悟空)とパンチごはんハードの面、ごはんでしたやっと段階的にすべてのます。 2パンチで、ごはんはほとんどセル完全に無力 Video By - xangosmith YouTube Channel For More Animations - Welcome To FlashFinalVegeta YouTube Channel Where you can have DragonBall Z Entertainment And Creativity Put Together On One YouTube Channel! DBZ Transformations and Fusions Videos - DBZAF Playlist DBZ Animations - DBudokai 3 - Subscribe here Google+ Blog Tumblr Twitter