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Veena E. Gayathri - Eppo Varuvaro - Classical Instrumental - Jukebox
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Listen to Veena E.Gayathri, Classical Instrumental Music - Eppo Varuvaro - Veena Music Instrumental Maname Gaanamum - 00:03 Karunai Deivame - 06:39 Sri Chakra Raja - 14:23 Enna Thavam - 22:55 Kaliyuga Varadan - 30:22 Karpagame - 36:34 Kaavadi Chindu - 41:23 Karpaga Valli - 47:29 Veena is a plucked stringed instrument originating in ancient India, used mainly in Carnatic classical music and Hindustani classical music. The name is used for several instruments belonging to different families, mainly the Rudra Veena (a zither) and the Saraswati veena (a necked bowl lute) but also to other types of plucked string instruments (Mohan Veena, Ancient Veena etc). The earliest Veena was an instrument of the harp type whose type survives in the Burmese harp, whereas in the last centuries and nowadays, the word has tended to be applied to instruments of the lute type or even, recently, to certain kinds of guitars developed in India. The more popular sitar is believed to have been derived from a type of Veena which was modified by a Mughal court musician to conform with the tastes of his Persian patrons. A person who plays a Veena is called a vainika. Indian classical music is the art music of the Indian subcontinent. Carnatic music, from South India is rhythmic and structured. In this you will enjoy Indian classical instrumental music and melody of musical instrument veena by E. Gayathri.Our channel presents Carnatic classical music,classical music,instrumental music,carnatic ragas,carnatic music songs,popular classical music,classical music playlist etc. Enjoy and let us know your feedback in the comments below. Echampati Gayathri, popularly known as "Veena Gayathri" is a veena exponent of the traditional Carnatic music. She was appointed by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J.Jayalalithaa, as the first Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University in November, 2013.