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Gg Bond - Agent G 《猪猪侠之超星萌宠》ep28
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订阅观看更多: 整个城市的居民都变成了孤独星人的脑残粉。不论孤独星人说什么做什么,人们都会狂热地响应。由于迷糊老师戴着研发中的阻碍脑电波安全帽,让他没有受到“人人都爱我系统”的影响。当他了解到事态后,大感不妙,并且发现猪猪侠等人也早已变成了脑残粉。迷糊老师好不容易才唤醒了猪猪侠和铁拳虎。终于,猪猪侠在被粉丝环绕着的孤独星人身上关闭了“人人都爱我系统”,平息了风波。 All residents of the city become crazy fans of Alix. What Alix says and does is fanatically supported by the residents. As Dr. Mihoo wears a helmet which produced by himself and can block brain waves, so that he can protect himself from being affected by the “Charm System”. Dr. Mihoo realizes things are getting worse and finds that GG Bond and his friends have already become the crazy fans of Alix. Then after much effort, Dr.Mihoo wakes up GG Bond and Woody. Finally, GG Bond turns off the “Charm System” of Alix who is being surrounded by Fans.