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Sonic Lost World Full Movie All Cutscenes Cinematics 1080p Hd
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Here are all the cutscenes for Sonic Lost World in English. Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend Tails pursue Doctor Eggman, who has captured several of their animal friends with the intention of using them to power his robot army.While the two attempt to retrieve a falling capsule filled with animals, Eggman shoots down Tails' plane. However, they end up discovering a world in the sky known as the Lost Hex, and crash land there. Entering the Windy Hill Zone, Sonic and Tails makes their way through clouds and the grassy fields. The duo then discover that Eggman has enlisted the help of a group of the world's indigenous Zeti race, collectively known as the Deadly Six, using a magical conch to keep them under his command. However, when Sonic rushes in and kicks the conch away, the Deadly Six rebel against Eggman and take control of his Badnik army. They then start to use one of Eggman's machines to siphon energy from Sonic's world below, planning to drain all of its life force until there is nothing left and use it to power themselves up. Reluctantly, Sonic agrees to work with Eggman, believing that he needs his help to stop the machine, though this seems to cause some distrust between him and Tails. As Sonic battles his way throughout the Lost Hex, the Deadly Six concoct a plan to capture Sonic and turn him into a robot under their control, but they end up accidentally capturing Tails instead. After Eggman fakes his death, Sonic comes across the Deadly Six as they prepare to use the roboticized Tails against him. However, prior to the conversion, Tails managed to reprogram the process to retain his free will and instead helps Sonic to defeat them. Upon reaching the machine and finding it switched off, Eggman reappears and attempts to use the energy harvested to power his latest giant mech. Upon defeating Eggman, Sonic and Tails return the stolen energy to the world below and return home. In the post-credits cutscene, Eggman was shown to have survived his fall by landing on a soft spot of dirt, and is dug out by his servants Orbot and Cubot. Subscribe for more Sonic Lost World content or follow me on twitter! ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Subscribe for more Videos: