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Marry Me!!! / Flipnote Hatena
94% 94K 27 seconds 6 years ago by Jazzynice9

LOL! _w_~_3 I JUST LOVE how this one turned out! It came out perfect and shiny! ewe Anyway, for other SonAmy fans, that think of this WRONG... Well, seriously... STOP telling me, "OH! Sonic still likes Amy! He should say 'yes'!", or BLAH BLAH BLAH, M'kay??? =A=;; This just reminded me of Sonic's mom and SonAmy... Besides, Sonic was a bit blushing when Amy appeared, sooooo, I'm STILL a SonAmy fan! ^^~_3?* ~~~Thanks For Watching Another ...D♪☆$öれソ...™ Flipnote in Flipnote Hatena! ^w^~~~ (Credit to Original! eFTe) {{ This audio is from a YouTube video! ewe You can search the keywords, like, "I Want To Marry You! :))" And there it is! ^FT^~_3 }}