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Sometimes We Can... / Flipnote Hatena
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Oh. My. GOSH!!! _3 You know, I can't wait until SonicSong182 and the cast of this fan comic on DA and YouTube finish the 4th episode~ ^-^ I support them and their talent! :3c You should go watch "Ask the Sonic Heroes". SonicSong182's videos are pretty cool~ _w_ They have GREAT voice acting! ---Credit--- Original Comic- ~RaianOnzika Original Video-EchidnaPower = Sonic and Amy:The Dark Dopples 1.3 Sonic and Amy (C) SEGA/Sonic Team -Add stars are you desire and please help by linking to your friends and other channels~ :Dc Thanks for watching!- AND DON'T STEAL MY IDEA!!! x( I'll report you if you steal~ e3e;; I mean it PUH-PLEEEASE!