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Dua Lipa - New Rules | Jenna Dewan Dance Choreography Feat. Kenny Wormald
85% 67.5M 1 minute 1 year ago by Jenna Dewan

I made this piece after reminiscing with my old roommate Alison and our friend Cole, who choreographed and directed this piece respectively, about our first few years in the city of Angels. We laugh about it now, but when we first got to LA, me and my group of friends - all aspiring dancers and creatives - were so young, free and unabashedly naive. We definitely went through a whirlwind of going out, thinking we were falling in love, getting our hearts broken, and maturing through it all. This dance depicts that time in our lives. Thanks to dancer Kenny Wormald for acting as the stand-in "Hollywood Heartbreaker" in this piece. It ain't an easy role to play but someone had to do it! Ha! Hope you guys enjoy. Young love can be so tough but helps you in the long run! Who's with me?! P.S. If you like this dance, be sure to subscribe to my videos up top so you can see more! I have a new video every week on Wednesdays x Song : Dua Lipa - New Rules Dancers: Jenna Dewan, Kenny Wormald Choreography : Alison Faulk Director : Cole Walliser Cinematographer: Chris Park Subscribe to my channel! Say hi to me here too: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: