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Betty's Jigger Treatment - By Popular Demand (2 Of 3)
89% 88K 16 minutes 10 months ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): As you all know we no longer publish jigger digging content on YouTube because it is not welcome here. We play our jigger digging videos on our site where one has to subscribe to gain access. Unfortunately we're doing an upgrade on our website so we're not able to play videos as we speak (this is only temporary), and our esteemed viewers have sent us many emails asking for Betty's videos. We honor all of you guys, and in so doing, we also listen to you and grant your requests where we can. So here we go, we're publishing the two jigger digging videos for Betty, but the commenting part will only be possible for those who are Patrons because we shall also play the videos on our Patreon platform - I want to keep Betty's case private because I consider her part of my family and just as my family is a private matter, I will keep her private. I have read some wonderful comments on the intro video from those who've been following my journey and were here when she wanted nail polish and a wonderful lady brought it to her; when she was Betty - brilliant, bright and promising- and not this different sad and beat up Betty we see right now. Thank you for those lovely comments; thank you so much. For those who've not subscribed, please do. Become a Patron, send in a donation; do something and you will be a participant in touching lives in Africa, directly. I am so deeply honored to be in your company. Together we've achieved what we did and more shall be accomplished. Thank you for remaining dedicated and focused on the goal.