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Betty's Jigger Treatment - By Popular Demand (3 Of 3)
93% 59K 17 minutes 8 months ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): This is the final video on the latest series of Betty's jigger digging. The whole episode was accompanied by narration that came from a crushed heart, but open to sharing. It is not in every video you will hear me speak. Sometimes I am just empty and when I feel that way I cannot open my mouth. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed by circumstances that I literary shake in the presence of hazardous elements, and there I cannot talk. But there's a time when I feel led to say a few things, sometimes for hours, unrehearsed but spontaneously flowing forth in the hit of the moment. I believe these things come right from the very depths of my heart. When my spirit is totally consumed, it fuses with the Spirit of God. There's a point we all fuse with divinity and when we think through our lives we will discover times we were really in sync with the Spirit, not necessarily in a dream, trance or sleep, but right when we were awake, may be walking, driving or cognitively engaged in doing something. We all get that deep spiritual connection and it's not commonplace, and it comes for a purpose. When later on I sit back and listen to what I said, it is as if it wasn't me, because I feel challenged by the very things I spoke. I thank the God for the Spirit that gives us utterance that cannot be mustered by our minds, within bounds of our education and beyond our experiences in life.