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Denying Children Food Is The Worst Form Of Abuse
94% 7K 3 minutes 9 months ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): We met these children in one family in Mwikhupo, Kanduyi Consituency, Bungoma County, Kenya, who hadn't had a meal for two days. They had eaten raw maize and that can be very dangerous. Their mother wasn't around and no one cared a hoot to do something for them. In the local shop there were only two loaves of bread and five sodas, but the children were ten in number. We bought everything and shared among them to at least have something in their empty stomachs as we organized for a proper meal for them. These are indeed small things and our fixes are not necessarily always permanent, but the little we do, we believe goes a long way into influencing future lives of these precious children a part from settling the immediate need. In so doing we've saved some lives and the future holds some powerful testimonies from the ones who will be privileged to be alive to hear and see. We remain humbled every single day as we get opportunities to serve the hungry, the sick, the abused, and neglected, the forgotten and the downtrodden of this world. There would never be greater joy than seeing needs met. Our supporters make this possible and words will forever fail me in explaining how I truly feel in my heart about the sacrifices you've made. Let's keep doing it together!