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Geof And Others Numbed For Jigger Digging
86% 88K 4 minutes 9 months ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): We use lidocaine to numb the pain and after digging we apply triple action ointment to avoid infection. The only challenge we've had on our jigger digging journey is some people relapsing and making it imperative for us to go back again and help them (which we always do). We've not had problems with infections after digging at any time. Our procedures are pain free because of lidocaine. We're doing really well, relieving thousands of people from the jigger scourge that attacks mostly the poor in rural Kenya where no one wants to go and even those born and raised there move to urban centers when they finally make it in life. These people need our help. Please send us to more hurting people in villages by supporting our cause with a donation today.