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Laban Of Nasyanda Jigger Treatment (3 Of 9)
86% 517K 15 minutes 1 year ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): This is not the first series for Laban, we've helped him before, and this time round he's not as bad as he was when we first met him, two years ago. Laban has been suffering with depression and we've tried to take him for psychological counseling. He is a professional driver, who did his work with distinction. He worked with some abrasive bosses (most are, as we know) and therefore decided to sell part of his hand to start his own business. He bought a motorbike with the money from the land sale, and was riding it himself. One evening someone pretended to be a customer and as Laban carried the man, he was stabbed in the back and fell by the wayside as the 'customer' sped off with his motorbike. With land and motorbike gone, Laban fell into a depression and he's never totally healed. Hi family rejected him and his wife lives in a different house as he lives in the tin house, alone, with jiggers. His mind runs like wheels on the highway, and in this state, jiggers afflict him. Honestly, I have no idea what would become of him without our little help. I am so glad we've been able to stand in the gap with him. In this video you are seeing sand fleas being removed from human skin. Viewer discretion is advised! This YouTube video is intended to educate and raise awareness about the flea problem in Africa. Donate on Paypal: Email Thinergy: Roku: