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Random Video Showing The State Of Richard Two Weeks Back
88% 206K 18 minutes 1 year ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): This video was loaded on our website a while back and those who are subscribers there already watched it. There are hundreds of videos there already and to subscribe you simply go to We encourage our supporters to subscribe and walk with us daily as we kill the jigger and touch lives in Kenya. It is important to get all videos and it costs $15 per month to do that. Watching this video alone is not enough but comparing it to the one I posted yesterday will give you a clear picture about how far Richard has come in just two weeks. Before this I had not come across a pool of pus that stank so much. For three days he hadn't eaten and he was going to die, because his mother didn't know what was wrong and only told us Richard no longer wanted to eat green veges because he preferred meat. She was referring to the meat from their cow which had been sacrificed a week earlier and thought Richard only wanted the meat to continue but when it got finished he refused to go back to the old ways of eating, but in reality the guy was having this pus and it was going to kill him. In our work we've saved some lives and Richard is one of them. I am so glad God gave us an opportunity to get there just on time and save him. The future looks brighter for him now. We're fundraising for a cemented floor for him and someone has offered to buy them another cow. Praise the Lord! Thinergy: Roku: