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Wilson Webo Intro Follow Up Jigger Digging (4 Of 5)
89% 82K 10 minutes 1 year ago by Jim Nduruchi Rus

Pimple Popper Tools: Thinergy (Weight Loss): RESTMORE (Sleep): Wilson had a wonderful life, lived and worked both in Uganda and Kenya. He's back in Bunyore, where he was born, and now a widower and having jiggers. He has a loving son, but he's jobless and seemingly defeated in many ways. There's no doubt he loves his father but a part from feeding him, hygiene has been a problem. It is argued that Wilson is not ready to take a shower, and this is understandable because jiggers create a feverish feeling in people, making them unwilling to pour water in their bodies. This feeling goes one to two weeks after all jiggers are gone. It will be a wrestle to kick jiggers out so that he can gain normalcy for him to take showers without difficulty. We shell keep cutting the debriding and supporting him in every way, and he will be good. In this video you are seeing sand fleas being removed from human skin. Viewer discretion is advised! This YouTube video is intended to educate and raise awareness about the flea problem in Africa. You can email Jim directly - You can call +254723323186 Please donate towards our ongoing efforts -