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芒果蛋糕 Mango Cake
95% 72K 11 minutes 11 months ago by Kathrine Kwa

Ingredients for cake : 4 egg yolks (蛋黄) 1 egg (全蛋) 20g caster sugar (细砂糖) 1/8 tsp salt(盐) 65g corn oil (玉米油) 45 water(水) 100g plain flour(普通面粉) 10g corn flour (玉米粉) 4 egg whites (蛋白) 1 tsp lemon juice (柠檬汁) 80g caster sugar (细砂糖) Filling (馅料): 150g mango puree (芒果泥) 20g caster sugar (细砂糖) 3 tsp gelatine powder(鱼胶粉) 60ml water(水) 250g non-dairy whipping cream (植物性鲜奶油) 250g diced mango (芒果丁) 1 tbsp apricot gel (杏果酱) 1 tbsp water (水) Background music : The Piano and Harp play in unison and seem to dance together, much like that of a love story.