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Follow Up On Mama Risi (3 Of 3)
82% 319K 19 minutes 2 years ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

Many people have asked two legitimate questions - 1. WHY is it that people leave others to go through the bad things we see people going through? 2. WHY do those suffering let it happen upon themselves? As I walk through life and keep on experiencing it (with life you never learn, you only experience it) I realize what I have held for some time, hoping it will change but seems to remain in the original state. The answer has remained: It is an expression of the HUMAN CONDITION. In this earthly estate, we all hurt. In fact luckier might be the ones whose hurts can be seen and be felt. We ALL hurt and we're left in that state by others who would change a few things if only they cared a bit more, just a little bit more to bend their hand and feel our bleeding sore, and bend their ear and hear our groaning. Unfortunately, even those who could have 'bent' their hand are in their pain. May be their leg hurts, and while we think their hand should reach out to our sore, the pain in their foot makes them reach down there with their hand instead of touching us. What would only make them overlook their leg for our sore is the power called LOVE. If it is strong enough, we will not touch our hurting leg, but another person's pain. So we get there and find Mama Rise again left in jiggers, and without becoming judgmental, we take it upon us to help her again, before talking to them AGAIN about her care, hoping this time round they will get it and do it in our absence. That's our hope- that they will help their mama.