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Josephat Day Two (1 Of 6)
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Our headquarters are in Bungoma, western Kenya, and Josephat lives in Ebusikhale, Bunyore, two hours' drive. On the first day it took us the whole day to dig just one foot, and it got late. This series are for the second day, where we start digging another foot. Experience has taught us to be more patient, and this is a virtue that is paramount in the fight against jiggers. There's always a temptation to rush because of the many cries for help and the vast areas we cover, and the limitation is resources. We're much better at managing those setbacks now, and more than ever we're taking more time on individuals to make sure they are properly helped before we move on. It is working wonderfully well for us. As mentioned in precious series, Josephat has lived under abuse by a step mother, who houses him with her cows (evidence of other abuses, including being denied food). Before I matured up a bit, I would really get a bit emotional with her. But with the present seeming maturity and more expertise, we're now able to take it cool with her, and work with her to make life better for this innocent, harmless brother, who also reported to us that they call him a 'mad man' and that's not fair and false. We pray that our efforts will achieve desired results quickly. We know things won't remain as they were with our fresh involvement. Please support our cause. Get us out to help more people like Josephat. Donate here - Email - Call - +254723323186