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Little Sad Brighton With Fat Jiggers Removed (1 Of 4)
86% 1.0M 11 minutes 2 years ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

It was hard to hold tears back when I looked at Brighton's young eyes, that gave a tale of pain, so much pain. It was more chilling to imagine his nights, that moment when a human being has to lay down and have rest, but for jigger victims, it is time for the bugs' banquet. It hard for me to fathom such a life. Brighton's childhood was taken away from him by something that can be controlled. It makes no sense and makes me mad sometimes. Where is the mother and father? Where are the neighbors, and the church? Why did they leave that child like that, messed up himself with feces and without shorts? Sometimes it gets very frustrating until we realize that we are there to do what was not done; to right some wrongs. Have something to share, email me - You can call me - +254723323186