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Mama Risi (79) Helped By Rus (3 Of 4)
n/a 1.5M 19 minutes 1 year ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

I think it is because of things that had gone on in that home. They had driven this beautiful lady to reject help from anyone. Through the years, RUS has had an anointing of breakthroughs even in some of the hardest scenarios. At no point, no single time we were denied an opportunity to help someone. Even those who had decided to die accepted to live again when they encountered us. It has nothing to do with how 'good' or 'convincing' we are. There's favor upon us, and it helped mama Risi to RISE UP and start the journey of defeating jiggers. We did some training to people around and commissioned her to be hygienic and do some things she wasn't doing, or not doing right. We've been calling back and we're told she's following those things and there's great progress. We shall be back again soon. She lives in Bunyore, four hours from Bungoma where we stay and have our headquarters.