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Mike (14) Of Tungelele With Big Jiggers Helped
83% 2.2M 20 minutes 2 years ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

I am thinking about James Faisley, my dear brother and friend going through some hard times, having stage four cancer. Seeing people getting the much needed help with jiggers gets me so deep within and gets out my very essence, indeed my whole heart. That's why I am able to share my heart out, just as it sits. If it is sad, that's what comes out. If heavy, that's heard through the words of my mouth. In this breadth I stood there and beheld this fourteen year old, and an email James shared about his fifteen year old grandson, Jaden, came alive. Jaden is almost Mike's age, and James is worried about him. In my narration, James, I have asked our friends and all who will watch this video to pray for you and Jaden. I know this video will be viewed thousands of times by thousands of people, and there's therefore no better way to let others with kindness like you do remember you. You're a true friend, brother and partner on this great course. Please know that thousands are praying for you as they watch and listen to my little musings here.