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Sylvanos Of Buyingu Had Those Small Painful Jiggers Removed (1 Of 8)
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Jiggers had gotten into Sylvano's feet, hands elbows and sitters, making his days only misery. He had had jiggers for years and during all that time he was not able to work or do anything by himself. Over time, those who were helping him gave up and left him. The situation only worsened, and hope for help died as days rolled by. Finally, he wasn't able to walk, only crawled on fours. Our jigger digging team came to his area in Buyingu and Sylvanus came for help. It took us two days to get jiggers out of his limbs and sitters. We gave him shoes to protect his souls and a disinfectant for his house. This measure is to be followed by efforts to cement his house and get him new bedding, and this will ultimately keep him safe from further future attacks by the terrible bug called a jigger. Efforts to help him are ongoing, starting from the day we first met him. It is our prayer and sincere hope that he will soon get cemented floors, which will be followed by bedding. Right now he's also getting all the help we can offer and the healing process has ensured with our coming Buyingu area, Vihiga county. MEDICAL CONDITION: The condition depicted is known as "Tungiasis". It is an infestation of the skin by a burrowing flea. These fleas tend to infest those who have inadequate living conditions and sanitation. The flea lives both outside around warm-blooded mammals and inside poorly constructed homes. It inhabits dust on floors, cracks in walls and bedding. Shoes protect to some degree but are often not affordable or adequate. Donate on Paypal: