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Tabitha (6) Of Ebukwala Jigger Dug
86% 107K 14 minutes 2 years ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

The gruesome realities of poverty bite so hard in Africa. Who will rise up to help Africa get out her present quagmire? The picture we see daily, of despondency, of lack of hope sinks deeper and deeper in our hearts, and the damning thing is that we see no real, deliberate efforts to change things on the side of leaders and those who are directly responsible. Who will rise up to save Kenya? Whenever an opportunity is presented to choose the right people, corruption stand on the way, and wrong people get into office. In Bungoma County, the outgoing governor, who was defeated in the just finished elections stole $300,000 meant for jigger eradication. As RUS was planning to take him to court, the government connived to have him elected speaker of senate, making him one of the four most powerful people in the land - president, chief justice, two speakers of both houses - parliament and senate. He heads senate. Now we cannot have him prosecuted for stealing money meant to treat the Tabithas of this world. You may say but he can still be prosecuted. Yes, he can, but at his powerful position, that will be a waste of time! I worry about the state of things in Kenya and Africa in general. We need a revolution in this place, pronto!