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Dragonball Z- Ultimate Gohan Arrives
97% 9.4M 3 minutes 9 years ago by Optimusprime105

This is my personal Favorite moment in the Fusion Saga, I like this moment better than Vegeta and Goku fusing. Anyway Gohan unlocked his hidden powers and was teleported to Earth. At the time Gotenks unfused to Goten and Trunks.Gohan came and then the Highlight of the Video is the Gohan Angers Remix That I've been trying to ripp for ages!!!! "So Hotshot, You want to fight Majin Buu? Fight You? No I wanna Kill you." I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL, DRAGONBALL Z, OR DRAGONBALL GT AND ALL RELATED THINGS. THAT BELONGS TO FUNIMATION.