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Flipnote Hatena Tv 3d 2nd Test Episode.
97% 220K 8 minutes 6 years ago by Samtheenglishgamer

When Flipnote Studio 3D is released, I'm going to make my own show called "Flipnote Hatena TV 3D", basically a show that features the best animations ("Flipnotes") made by people using the 3DS application. Unfortunately, Flipnote Studio 3D has suffered a delay in the US & Europe due to number of people using the app's online services in Japan is too damn high, I uploaded the first test episode last March & it's received good, positive reactions. No one knows when FS3D will be released here so to ease the agonising wait, I decided to make a 2nd test episode by using a few Flipnotes that I captured just days before the DSi Hatena service closed, I've also improved the intro as well. So what do you think about about this test episode? Is it any good? Any improvements to be made here?