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(62) Acrylic Pour Swipe Mixed Brands In Rainbow Colors Paper Towel Method With Sandra Lett 030718
95% 281K 32 minutes 1 year ago by Sandra Lett

This was done on two 12"X16" canvases. I mixed all my colors 50/50 with Floetrol Latex based 1:1 ratio. I added water to get to a creamy consistency, then added several drops of treadmill lubricant (100% silicone) to each of the cups. I swiped with a damp paper towel.... I did not add any silicone to my white or black... I lightly coated my dry white canvases with a coat of white/floetrol mixture, then layered up my colors in broad bands... I then added black/floetrol mixture at the top and swiped towards me. After these dry a minimum of 72 hours or more, I will seal with a high gloss varnish. Thank you for watching my videos regularly. It means the world to me. I have added a Paypal link below if you would like to donate to my art supplies which are very costly and will allow me to continue to experiment trying to make more beautiful art! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for many more future videos. All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated! Supporting my art helps me to create more beautiful art for you and everyone to enjoy. Art can get quite expensive to make! Thank You! Paypal: AMAZON suggested : Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: Etsy: