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Mr. Worldwide / Flipnote Hatena
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Song: Mr. Worldwide (Intro) from the album "Planet Pit" __I knoes, I knoes, this is a VERY late Flipnote Trade with Sonic4EVER (He wanted something cool, so i made this) D: i kept changing the song from KOBMD by FTSK, then i changed it to Sweat it Out by Breathe Carolina, but then i went to this song instead _FT_ I actually PLANNED a storyboard when i stuck with this song, and most of it is exactly as it looks on here :D Characters used: __Archie Comic's: Scourge the Hedgehog __Mine: Steel the Hedgehog Sanctum the Hedgehog NOT UNLOCKING, and if this gets popular (which i HIGHLY doubt) quit your advertising or i will remove your posts!!! B( --Scourgesbestbuddy '2012'