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Karma: Sims 3 - Revenge!
80% 1.9M 3 minutes 6 years ago by Stacy Baker

I stumbled upon some jerks saying things I didn't appreciate about someone I care dearly about. The person in question would not allow me to say anything directly to the offenders so, (/sarcasm on) being an adult, I decided to do the mature thing and make a revenge effigy video (/sarcasm off). This was all too easy to make, it seemed like the segments fit perfectly with the waltz. The hardest part was finding an mp3 of The Blue Danube that was the right tempo for my work. Disclaimer: The names are in quotation marks are the end because those are not their real names; fake names may or may not be similar to the actual names. Tessie, Maren, Martina, and Kelby are randomly generated sims, no visual similarity to real people was attempted and is neither intended nor implied. Should you figure out the identity of the offenders, I do not accuse them of potty training fail nor do I intend to imply that. I am sure they do not pee their pants at every opportunity.