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Thai Massage (Thai Oil Massage) Step By Step.
n/a 25.0M 9 minutes 4 years ago by Thai Lady And Foreigner

In this video I give a real Thai oil massage. Very relaxing for your body, skin and muscles. The Thai oil massage is nearly the same as the Swedish oil massage. #massage #thaimassage #oilmassage #traditionalmassage #bodymassage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the link to subscribe. You will get a notification when I upload a new video: If you like to support me you can use the next links: Paypal: Become a Patron: Or visit my shop. If you buy something like a shirt, you support my channel so I can upload more and better videos: If you click this link you have a 15% intro discount: Click the link to subscribe. You will get a notification when I upload a new video: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oil massage. Any massage using oil can be seen as an oil massage. We see in every country the use of oil. Thai oil massage, Swedish oil massage, Chinese oil massage, Vietnamese oil massage, etc. Many combinations are possible. A mixture with oil and Thai massage. It is just a relaxing massage. Benefits: Just relaxing massage, and warming up the body and muscles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my channel Thai lady massage. I like to show you massage. I am a certified masseuse and in my videos you can see the different styles of massage I give or get. Also I take you to massage places all over Asia where I try different styles of massage. From 5 to 100 USD an hour. I hope you enjoy the massage videos and from here, thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my playlists for watching specific massage videos: All my massage videos together in 1 playlist: Back massage for lower back pain: Body massage: Chair massage: Chinese massage: Deep tissue massage: Face massage: Foot massage: Head massage: Neck shoulder massage: Oil massage: Swedish massage: Thai massage: Thai lady Alina gets a massage. ( this is me in the videos): Trigger point massage: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can also follow my daily life videos in my other channel. Please visit the next link to follow my daily life in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries: Follow me in Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***** The Comments Section of this channel is moderated. Comments posting insulting, harassing/bullying and or threatening comments will be deleted and the profile will be blocked and reported to Youtube. Personal video/photographic footage/images are copyright© and claimed as my own personal intellectual property and no permission is given for copying or reproduction in any form. Doing so will let me report your channel or video *****