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Sat Math Part 43 - Circles, Graphs, Quadratic Equations, And Polynomial Functions
99% 10K 21 minutes 8 months ago by The Organic Chemistry Tutor

This SAT Math video tutorial covers topics on circles, graphs, quadratic equations and polynomial functions. It explains how to find the x-intercepts, vertex, minimum values, and axis of symmetry of a quadratic equation. It discusses how to solve basic projectile motion problems. It explains how to write the equation given the graph of a polynomial function by identifying the zeros and their multiplicity. In addition, it tells how to determine the coordinates of the center and the radius of a circle. It also tells you how to write the equation of a circle given the two endpoints of the diameter of the circle. You need to know how to use the midpoint formula and the distance formula. Here are some other useful links: SAT Math Part 44: SAT Chemistry Part 1: SAT Study Guides Chemistry Final Exam Review: Algebra Final Exam Review: Geometry Final Exam Review: Physics Final Exam Review: Trigonometry Final Exam Review: PreCalculus Final Exam Review: Calculus Final Exam Review: