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25 Minutes For Asmr And Relax Body By Full Body Massage In Nature
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25 minutes for ASMR and relax body by Full Body Massage in nature ★ Subscribe: ★ FB Page: --------------------- A full-body massage indicates that the therapist will massage your whole body during a therapeutic massage lasting at least 25 minutes. That's the amount of time needed to massage all the major areas of your body -- back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck. Men get a nice pectoral massage, but women have to go to Europe for that. You generally start face down and the therapist starts with your back and shoulder, then moves down the body. Once you flip over, the therapist works her way back up your body, usually ending with neck and shoulders and sometimes the scalp. Whether you're getting a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage or lomi-lomi, most massages at spas will be full-body massages. If you have problem area that needs extra attention, such as a sore back or tight shoulders, you can request that the therapist spend more time on those problem areas. They can accommodate that request by spending less time on areas like the legs or arms, which might just get a quick sweep. If you have problem areas but don't want other areas to be shortchanged, make an appointment for a longer massage session, such as 75 or even 90 minutes. That way you can get a full body massage along with the more focused work you need in specific areas. #massage #fullbody #relax #asmr ---------------------- Music: from the Audio Library ---------------------- PLAYLIST FOR WATCHING: Whisper ASMR | Head and shoulder massage for Japanese girl Back Massage Techniques - Japanese Massage Therapy For Women Bamboo Massage Therapy: A Deeper Massage With Greater Benefits Back Swedish Massage Therapy - Knowledge and Practice By Traditional Massage Vietnam Massage - Fresh Wormwood, Salt for bone spurs relief Deep Tissue Massage Techniques & Acupressure Points Therapy Vietnam Massage Techniques or Tam Quat - Step By Step and Relax Body More videos 💝 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND DON'T FORGET TO LIKE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE 💝