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Vietnam Massage Techniques Or Tam Quat - Step By Step And Relax Body
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Vietnam Massage Techniques or Tam Quat - Step By Step and Relax Body ★ Subscribe: ★ FB Page: --------------------- Learning how to give a Vietnam massage properly involves months of training, but you can easily learn the basics with the tips below. A traditional Vietnamese massage, also known as “tam quat,” is an intense yet refreshing experience. Although less popular than its Thai counterpart, Vietnamese massages can relax a body in a way like no other. 1. Build strength and endurance. A Vietnamese massage is known for being powerful and initially tough on the skin and body. The benefits for your partner come after the session is done. As the masseuse, your entire body needs to be fully ready for the challenge before you even think about giving this type of massage. Lift weights and include cardiovascular activity in your routine so that your massages will be strong and will be able to last the full 60 minutes of a typical Vietnamese massage session. 2. Generate force. When you’re putting pressure on a certain area of the body, use momentum and the full weight of your whole body to apply as much force as possible. Take advantage of gravity to hit your partner’s body with plenty of energy. Dig in by positioning your body over your arm so that your weight transfers to that specific spot. Give a hard rub to finish off the movement, and then prepare for the next area of her body. 3. Pull as much as you push. North Americans are accustomed to massages that involve using pressure, but Vietnamese massage takes it one step further and also incorporates a lot of pulling. Tugging at the limbs is a different way of encouraging blood circulation and also helps to reset joints. Hold your partner’s limb at the wrist and elbow or ankle and knee, and pull toward you. Also try slightly twisting the limb and pulling in various directions. 4. Make sounds. The intensity of a Vietnamese massage is partly due to the various groans and shouts that the masseuse makes while carrying out the techniques. There’s more power in a movement when you exhale and let your voice loose. When you make contact with the skin, release a grunt or a roar that signifies the effort you’re putting into the act. Each movement should be accompanied by its own sound. The combination of skin pounding and slapping with your vocal exhalations is what makes the experience exciting for your partner. ---------------------- Music: from the Audio Library ---------------------- PLAYLIST FOR WATCHING: Japanese Couples massage - Benefits of Therapeutic Massages Moxa Massage (Moxibustion) Therapy - Traditional Chinese Medicine Vietnam Massage - Fresh Wormwood, Salt for bone spurs relief Beautiful Korean Girl with Full Body Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Best Thai Massage Techniques Compilation - Stretching Body & Relaxing Music Deep Tissue Massage Techniques & Acupressure Points Therapy Relax with Shiatsu massage in Water or Watsu Aquatic Bodywork - You'd Do at Least Once in Your Life Lomi lomi Back Body massage techniques | Asmr massage for relaxing and lower back pain Japanese Front Body massage therapy in Korea Full Body Herbal oil massage | 23 minutes for relaxing and lower back pain Full Body Stretching Massage Therapy can Improve Flexibility Japanese Massage Cute Private with herbal oils & More Relaxation & Flexibility Reflexology Massage - Hot Stone Masage Therapy | Asmr massage for relaxing and lower back pain Deep Tissue Massage Techniques Front Body More Relaxation & Flexibility Thai Massage Techniques Full Body - Stretching, Relaxing and pain relief 30 Minutes Full Body Swedish Massage Step By Step Thai Massage Techniques - Full Body stretching Massage Therapy Abdominal massage for weight loss - Massage Therapy Techniques Swedish Back Massage Therapy Techniques for Back Pain Relaxation & Flexibility Swedish Massage Techniques Front Body Thai Massage Techniques Full Body - Stretching, Relaxing and pain relief 💝 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND DON'T FORGET TO LIKE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE 💝