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「narusasu Doujinshi」- Naruko Cute Cute!
99% 314K 3 minutes 7 years ago by Whatlamlildoinglhere

"Naruco Cutte Cutte!" (Naruko Cute Cute!) by Twinge (Mushiba&Hoshino Lily) You thought they were gonna go at it @ 0:33 didn't you? Yeah, me neither. It's called NaruSasu for a reason heh. Okay, I'll stop talking now. ****EDIT: Burning hot queries and demands for the so-called 'part2' of this vid seems to be piling up. But unfortunately it is as non-existent as Sakura's uh bossoms. Low blow, man. CREDITS: Raws: Kurguzkina Scanlation: Arigatomina