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「narusasu Doujinshi」- Trade!2
99% 94K 8 minutes 7 years ago by Whatlamlildoinglhere

TRADE! 2 by EMI (10 Rankai) Wow, never thought I'd be doing this once again hmmm but since it's december, the friday of the months, I figured why the hell not? Brace yourselves (and your ovaries, ladies) for I am active once more!!!! Or so I hope. Happy Holidays everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Everything else!! Love you guys =) P.S. The new youtube layout is really crappy by the way. I almost flipped all of our household tables when I was trying to look for the 'upload' button. Yeah, I guess I need some serious help. CREDITS: Raws: Kain Scanlation: Arigatomina Mangaka: Emi Circle: 10 Rankai